For as long as we can remember car care has been at the forefront of our mind, continually trying to achieve the wettest, glossy look possible from the paint on our motor vehicles. We have tried hundreds of waxes all claiming to be the next best thing and normally carrying a hefty price tag.

Well, here at Ogle Car Wax that is different, sure we still want the wettest, glossy look possible from a wax but we have gone a step further. We aim to give customer satisfaction; we aim to offer the experience you get from a high-end wax, all at a fraction of the cost, but still using high quality ingredients and presentation.

We have created a range of premium waxes and each one has been designed to do a different job.  All our waxes are hand made by “the Alchemist” and he has done a super job – they all smell lush and do exactly what they say on the jar.